Why you need Maps Marketing

As you probably know, today more and more people get information about companies and products directly on the maps on their phones, without even opening search engines. If your information is not in the maps, is not complete, is not attractive compared to others or is not among the first - you lose customers.

You want to be found using the most popular built-in maps in smartphones like Google Maps and Apple Maps. To do this, it is very important to correctly make your business profiles in Google My Business and Apple Maps Connect so that it appears in the search results in the maps as often as possible and ranked as high as possible.

To achieve this goal these days, it is not enough to have a concise description, photos, videos, good reviews, work schedules, select types of services, etc. It is necessary to analyze the local market, the product and consumer demand, determine the most effective keywords, make and correctly put tagged photos, organize reliable backlinks, optimize texts, and coordinate all actions with more than 100 factors affecting the the position.

In the 21st century, if you have a mailing address, you cannot allow your business to ignore full-featured Maps Marketing. Now Google considers its maps as the most promising direction of their business and the largest part of their investments is poured in the development of new functions in the maps. Not knowing this, most companies still provide only basic information. This approach leads to a long-term deterioration of positions in the search on maps, which will then be more expensive and more difficult to restore.

Your indispensable assistant

As with any optimization on the Internet, optimization for maps takes time and works for a long time. The sooner you pay attention to Maps Marketing, the faster and easier you will get a valuable assistant in attracting customers.

If your business is not a gaming portal, an online marketplace or a business that is not tied to a physical address, Maps Marketing should be an indispensable part of your digital advertising campaign and contain all the necessary components for the first positions in the region and maximum customer acquisition.

We will help you set up Maps Marketing and help you pay less than for Promoted Pins, while gaining more customers. We optimize the content of your business pages in maps, create and upload attractive photos that present your business in the best light, add promotions and attractive videos, create an interactive tour of your premises if you want one, track changes in the market and your business position in maps search and make the timely improvements and updates.

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