Reliability and efficiency proven by time

You are not yet convinced that you should be advertising with us? Bear in mind that we are experienced experts who create and come up with an original product, not those that follow and copy. We are a team of professionals with special marketing education who work on the development, improvement and promotion of our media outlets. Years of successful work on the market allowed us to build strong brands and a range of services and products that are trusted and enjoyed by tens of thousands of people. Having our products in your digital campaign is a winning strategy! We are doing everything to ensure that your offers are seen in time by the maximum number of interested people giving you the best result!

As you probably know, dozens of new newspapers and websites are created by people who are inexperienced in advertising and marketing. Those people do not have any idea what to do to make your advertising deliver desired results. Most of the founders of such organizations do not even fully understand how their product will work or how it will be useful to people, your business, or themselves. Many people take money and create spam on social networks, making your business disappear permanently from people`s social network feeds. Do not trust your money and the fate of your business to amateurs, contact us - with our websites and apps you have everything you need to attract the flow of customers.

During 23 лyears of operation, hundreds of clients are grateful to us for the quality service we provide. Most of them continue to place their advertising over the years with us and many return to us with new advertising campaigns. Of course, we could cite a huge list of well-known global corporations and local businesses, but just for an example, if we limit ourselves to automobiles: Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Infiniti, Mazda, Dodge, Kia, Hyundai, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Jeep, Volvo, Fiat ... Want to see your business in this row?


The developmental milestones of our digital media



Improving applications, sites, infrastructure and UI


Redesigned UI

Many experiments have led to the creation of a visual and user-friendly interface for the new UI.


Social Network Apps

Users of Social Networks got optimized built-in apps.


Tens of thousands of installations

The result has lead to over millions of ad impressions per month.


The first Native iOS & Android Apps

The first versions developed for iPhone 3G, iPad (original) and Android 2.1


Mobile Web Apps

These web apps were first mobile web sites, that had shortcut icons "installed" on the Home Screen.


First steps on a small screens

With rapidly growing popularity of smartphones, we begun to make it convenient for our customers to get offers on their mobile devices. At that time, there was still no modern concept of automatically adapting web page layouts to different screen sizes.


Creation of the first site

News, announcements, business directory, videos and photo galleries, editorial, dating service, and much more.


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