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We have been providing and constantly improving the most powerful promotional platform to inform the largest target audience about your services and products in the most attractive digital formats. Your potential customers see your advertising messages within our modern products: in the approprate sections, on the map, find your business by goods, servies, names etc, in sezrch engines (SEO profile of your business is indexed and ranked high by Google and others), in social media. We quickly deliver comprehensive information about your business and offers utilizing all modern technologies: mobile apps, websites, and apps in social networks. Thus, your message easily gets directly to your potential customer`s minds through their smartphones, tablets, desktops! It is convenient for consumers and extremely effective for advertisers!

All modern technologies together.

Unsurpassed efficiency. Incredible convenience.

You can be certain, that with our apps and web-sites hundreds of thousand of people will see your advertising messages. These modern digital advertising tools were specifically designed and perfected over the years to get maximun results for our advertisers. Our users want to get your best offers, learn about your new products and, when the time comes, have comprehensive information about your business and your contacts handy.

Our offer is not just for conventional banner advertising on web sites or on apps. We provide a well-thought-out integrated solution for successful digital marketing - from creating and adapting a promotional message to quickly spreading it to the largest active target audience. We utilize all modern techniques so that your potential client can make impulsive purchase or a thought-out large scale acquisition, easily find you by service or name, flip through attractive graphics or watch videos. People learn about exciting offers not only within our resources, but also through search engines. During the last 7 years our informative media outlets have gained an excellent reputation, trust and popularity among users.

iSpravochnik iOS iPadOS Android Apps

Mobile (iOS/iPadOS/Android) Apps

Collection of offers and experts in all industries along with engaging and compelling articles. Since 2011, in the Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore. Optimized for iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphones and tablets.

iSpravochnik and Russian Flyers

Web sites

In addition to the very popular traditional website, we developed a new website with a revolutionary design, where your content, rather than the traditional layout, plays the leading role. Therefore, it is the most eye-catching, fast and convenient way to find interesting information and to learn about local companies and their offers on the Internet.

Spravochnik FB VK App

Apps in social networks

Our apps in Facebook and it`s Russian counterpart VK allow you to further increase the number of notified people and ensure maximum response without additional costs.

Revolutionary advantages

Why our newest marketing solutions are the most effective for promoting your business in the modern world

Entire attention to you and your offers.

Our convenient websites and apps are useful and interesting. People like to quickly find out about new products and deals, as well as receive complete information about local companies, products and services they offer. Customers use them over and over again. In fact, every few seconds someone opens one of our apps and one of our sites. According to statistics, more than 70 percent of visitors use them regularly. And all these people want to find deals, special offers, products or services. This active audience is your potential customers! They need to know the reasons why they should become your customers, as well as get your contact and other information. Thousands of people near you want to know about your products or services today. What can you offer them?

Awesome features. Impressive results.

We offer much more than ordinary banners - basically, links in the shape of pictures or animations, or just the name of the business and phone number in the directory. Our apps and websites combine the vibrant design of leading glossy publications and the interactivity of modern digital media. They are specifically designed to be ideal for easily creating and effectively distributing compelling advertising campaigns. These campaigns can consist of exciting images and videos, presentations, editorial, a detailed description of business, products, services, and engaging articles. Using these features leads to limitless opportunities to interest, impress and encourage people to turn to you, as well as constantly reminding them of your offers and contacts!

The speed and scale of delivery of your advertising on a completely new level. Response too.

We deliver comprehensive advertising campaigns directly to your potential customers - to their desktops, pockets, and sofas! We live in the world of apps and today the first thing that a person picks up in the morning is a smartphone. Utilizing our convenient notification system, they immediately see updates from our advertisers. Integration into social networks enables unlimited additional distribution of updates to thousands of additional users and helps to further increase your market share. This is exactly what you need, isn`t it?

Unmatched Opportunities for Your Business

Thoughtful approach to everything

Fast distribution

Your potential customers will quickly receive notifications of new offers and view them.

And you can easily and quickly deploy a remarkable advertising campaign of any scale and promptly respond to the situation on the market.


In just a few taps, your potential customers will find everything about your offers, your business, products, services and will be able to contact you or get directions to your business.


Our application contains the maximum of constantly complemented information and at the same time it weighs absolutely nothing and is always in the pocket of your target audience - anywhere 24/7.


Our plans are affordable for businesses of all sizes! Use the best technology in the world to the maximum - whatever plan you choose, you will get everything you need to achieve remarkable results at the lowest possible cost.

Your business is always in sight

ПUsers will be able to find your business by offers, products, services, company name, representatives, on the map, swiping through the raphics and watching videos. This is not just a new generation of marketing, it is a new concept of delivering your advertising in the modern world.

Social Network Integration

Allows users to share their favourite deals or recommend businesses in social networks. Unlock the full potential of your advertising campaign!

Benefits laid in foundation

You have probably heard that some businesses are disappointed in the local media, having tried to place their advertisements in various publications or websites. This is because their advertising campaign did not meet their expectations or they did not receive what they were promised. In the abundance of new digital opportunities, many businessmen forget the basics of marketing. Remember, advertising is the engine of commerce. But in order for this engine to work and for the efficiency of the advertising campaign to be high, you need to comply with 2 conditions:

1. properly created and attractively designed advertising message;
2. subsequent distribution of this message among the maximum number of interested people.

You can be sure that with the help of our websites and apps, tens of thousands of people interested in your products will see your advertising. After all, our digital media outlets are not just equipped with advertising space, they are conceived, created and are consistently improved in order to achieve the best results for your business. It`s names clearly define the concept and content, so almost all of our users are your potential customers. Information about your offers, discounts and services doesn`t annoy people here, it is precisely what they are looking for! It is our users who want to take advantage of your offers, find out about your updates and get reliable information about your contacts when the time comes to call you.

Our audience is growing. Your advantages are too.

Since the launch of our first web site in spring of 2007 and the first version of the mobile app in the early 2011, the number of our recurring users on all of our resources has been growing rapidly. Since 2011, we have also worked long and hard to ensure that almost all Russian-speaking residents and visitors to North America have our apps in their pockets and achieved results that are nearly impossible today — hundreds of thousands of app installations through app stores. Our app is on the top in almost all regions of North America (among Russian language apps) and we have not only reached these positions, but also successfully retained them. Our apps are regularly included in the 200 most popular business applications! Today, there are millions of apps and this number is rapidly growing, so it is almost impossible to achieve such results and gain public trust with new apps. We do not sit on our laurels! Therefore, we will always be ahead. We had more than 18,000,000 ad image impressions per month only within our mobile apps - we achieved this result by the beginning of 2019. This is the best advertising distribution to your target audience!

Talking about our websites, your business and your advertisement will always be in sight. We are sure to do SEO pages with offers from our advertisers, so they always rank as high as possible in search engines - this is really not only an indicative result in terms of statistics, but also important for advertisers, whose goal is to deliver their advertising messages to all potential customers.

You do not have text and attractive graphics and videos suitable for advertising? Experienced certified professionals of the Stunning.Media Agency can create for you an encouraging advertising campaign using the most modern methods to get the maximum response.

The time has come to achieve unprecedented results. Get started today!

Your remarkable advertising campaigns will be distributed and available anywhere 24/7 on our Mobile Apps (Apps on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Smartphones and Tablets), in apps on social networks (Facebook, VK), and on our eye-catching websites. As mentioned above, all of the information on our websites is optimized for search engines, which also contributes to the successful promotion of your business and extra distribution to people who do not use our apps yet. Save money and significantly increase efficiency at the same time - contact us today!

The slogan of the previous decade was: “If you are not on the Internet, you are not in business.” Today people at Forbes say: “If you are not in a smartphone, you are simply not there!”.

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