Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the advantages over sites, search engines, social networks and many other resources. If you have additional questions, please contact us by phone or use the contact form below.

What are the advantages of our resources compared to Google Maps, Yelp, Foursquare, different Yellow Pages, etc.?

Maps and business directories provide information when the person knows exactly what or whom he is looking for. Our sites and apps provide information about what is offered nearby, whom to choose, or who provides the most suitable service. Our apps and websites help users not only to make an impulsive purchase after learning about new products, but also make it possible to make a balanced and deliberate decision after reading comprehensive information about goods or services.

How will those who have not installed our apps learn about my offers?

Even the person who never installed any of our apps and never visited any of our sites, or simply preferred to check other options, will still see your offers in the search engine results. We build high-quality SEO pages for our advertisers on our sites. These pages with your offers are regularly indexed by search engines and always rank high. And on mobile devices too! Despite the presence of mobile apps, our sites are optimized for mobile devices in accordance with all modern requirements. Websites without such optimizations cannot get to the top and may be excluded from the search results altogether.

I can buy Adwords and adjust target audience. What is the advantage of your system?

Our system is much more effective and far less expensive. First, the price of our services for the distribution of your advertising is comparable to the price of a few clicks on Adwords! Secondly, Google changed its algorithm several years ago and in most cases shows ads not on the basis of the content that interests me at the moment (which was logical), but on the basis of sites that I have already visited. For example, I have already looked at some website and made some decision, maybe even bought a product. After that, I`m already interested in something else, maybe something I don`t even know about yet, but Google keeps showing the banner ads of this site. In other words, this business simply loses money for these useless impressions.

I already have a website. Why do I need another page on your sites and apps?

You don`t just get SEO pages, you get a huge active target audience. This target audience will receive notifications on their mobile devices about your new products, special offers, discounts, and also have full information about your business at their fingertips - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For example, you have come up with a new service, special offer or campaign and you want as many people as possible to know about it. So you placed this information on your site. But in order for your page to be visited, you need to draw attention to it - make banners, SEO, select keywords and raise the price for impressions and clicks, post in social networks, etc. With the help of our platform, you will:

- firstly, notify tens of thousands of users who will not only receive notification of your new product, but also see your campaign when looking at other offers, even if they were looking for or watching something else;
- secondly, the pages with your offers on our popular sites will quickly reach the best positions on search engines.

Thus, we make information about your offers and your business delivered quickly and seen on all modern platforms 24 hours 7 days a week.

What information about my offers, products and services can I distribute with your help?

Much more than just a banner, a link or a page. We provide and constantly improve the most effective advertising system for businesses of all sizes. Regardless of whether you offer high-quality goods or services or rely on a mass market, you need to attract customers, maintain a positive image and provide your contact information at the right time. We suggest you use the most advanced set of tools to create the most appealing advertising campaign consisting of attractive images, interesting videos, and comprehensive information. The whole campaign will work on mobile apps, on search engine optimized business pages and in social networks.

How is your ad better than Google, Facebook, other sites, etc?

Of course, you know that Google, Facebook and other sites take a lot of money for clicks on links, which lead to content that you think your potential customers should be interested in. But this is a costly and time-consuming "microadvertising" of your main site. Optimizing your site is a very time-consuming and expensive way to target those people who are interested exclusively in certain distinctive features of your business. With our media you get the opportunity to increase the profitability of your advertising campaign faster and at a much lower cost! We offer you a unique integrated solution with which your advertising campaign will achieve what previously seemed impossible. We spread among the interested audience the message itself, where it attracts maximum attention and provides enough information to make a purchasing decision. For you it means an incredible scope for the biggest ideas. This includes high quality images that resemble luxurious glossy magazines, video clips, integration with social networks, and of course complete information about your products, services, promotions and contacts.

I place an ad in the local newspaper and its copy is on the Internet. How is your offer better?

Page flipping designs, PDF readers and spam today generally should not be considered as a good advertising strategy. Format of these products was created and perfected for paper and is inconvenient nor appealing for your potential customers in the modern digital world.

One should not transfer the archaic paper layout of the past century to the modern screen - it is a layout of a century ago, it is good for paper, but completely inconvenient for screens. Each of our resources is individually designed and developed so as to present your advertising in the most attractive way on each type and size of device, making the most of all modern technologies and their capabilities. For example, in our apps with one click you can dial a number by touching it on the image, send the address to the navigation, etc. You can also save a business to Contacts - both in apps and on websites.

Today it is so natural that your potential customers do it intuitively and expect the same modern approaches in your advertising.

I can post any pictures or videos on social networks. Why do I need your services?

We have buyers for your product or services! The number of active participants in most social network groups is measured in dozens. How many of them can become your customers? In high-quality groups, hot topics are usually discussed, and you will rarely be allowed to post advertisements there. We offer you the opportunity to spread your exciting campaign along with comprehensive information about your business among the maximum number of interested people in your area! And those users who like your offers will spread it themselves through social networks among their friends and your offers will not be banned or unseen. This is the best solution for your business!

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